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What is mentorship?

Are you tired of staying up late at night searching for answers to your life's purpose on the internet?

In 4 weeks you could go from lost and confused to having 2020 vision on what your soul calling is.

You know you are meant for more. You just don't know what that is.

You've always felt different. You tend to be the observer and listener in a conversation.

You can pick up on someone else's emotions very easily.

You're the person everyone goes to for advice-- even strangers.

Some might say you have a gift.

If you do, you haven't told anyone because they might think you are crazy.

I feel you. I was once in the same boat.

I always felt a calling to help people heal and find purpose. When I was a kid my nickname was "Dr. Mending" because I wanted to mend or fix people's problems.

I've always been the person people turn to for advice or want someone to listen to them. My intuition has been my inner mentor and guided me on a spiritual journey to find peace from my own suffering.

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and one night I had a supernatural experience with God. I asked "Why is this happening to me?". I heard a clear voice say, "It's not happening to you but for you."

From that moment on I knew if I trusted my intuition and paid attention to the signs I would be okay and some day I'd share my story and gifts with people to help them heal and find purpose.

In my journey I found not only did I have this gift of intuition but that I could help people with it.

That's when I started my own business as a spiritual mentor. That was 12 years ago.

I realized it was selfish to keep these tools to myself. I felt if this work helped me it definitely would helped someone else.

That's why I started the 1-on-1 mentorship program.

Because I want to give back the tools that helped me and thousands of students find their purpose, start businesses and share their gifts with the world.

How does mentorship work?

Mentorship is a personalized experienced designed to help you figure out your natural gifts to make an impact.

It is 4 weeks long and we meet via Voxer, a messaging app where you can send me instant messages and audios.

We connect daily, Monday to Friday to get the most out of our work together. No more Zoom calls and weary eyes from staring at a computer screen.

You have complete freedom to do your life while having a mentor by your side, literally in your pocket a message away.

Who is this for?

This is for the woman who is ready to learn more about herself in an intimate and spiritual way. She is ready to go deep and have real and raw conversations. You are committed to self-work even when it gets uncomfortable.

You know that being a good person and helping others is the key to creating change and you deeply desire to make an impact with your gifts.

What do you get?

The foundation of this work is accessing your intuition to gain insight to change your life.

Through weekly thought-provoking conversations you will learn:

  • spiritual psychology to shift old beliefs into new empowering thoughts
  • guided meditations to increase intuition
  • breathwork to ease anxiety
  • psychic exercises to access insight
  • connecting with ancestors for guidance
  • mindfulness practices to practice presence
  • intuitive journaling for unleashing creativity
  • practice sessions with other mentees to build confidence

Consider it a 4 week virtual spiritual retreat into yourself.

I'm a mentor in your pocket, just a message away as you live your daily life.

You are set up to win and walk away with life-changing tools to support you in your passion to help yourself and others.

Plus a bonus community of women you can practice with and get support as you go through mentorship together.

Watch this video from a mentee!

The real reason you should sign up for mentorship.

I've felt I was intuitive for a while, but just chalked it up to being crazy, then one night I found Emily's book and found someone who might understand me. After our first session I joined on for 1:1 mentorship and it has made all the difference. The daily check in and assignments have helped me to hone my skills and it's been so comforting to have Emily providing me with the support I needed.

I have gained so much confidence and have been able to work with others to gain more experience and insights as to how to grow these gifts. This mentorship is shaping my experience and enriching my life in so many ways I'm really excited to see where it takes me - and I know with Emily at my side I will be able to help the world be a better place. - Vanessa R.

I wanted to say thank you so much for all your guidance and support. Your mentorship has changed my life in such a short period of time. I'm so grateful that you encouraged me in expressing and validating my gifts as an intuitive medium.

I couldn't do this work without you. I now have the confidence and the ability to give readings and use my gifts to help and heal others. I highly recommend Emily stroia's mentorship, her workshops and her books. She is highly gifted and will help you on the right path to succeed your goals and dreams. Thank you so much! With love always - Jane G.

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Going into this 1-month mentorship program I didn't have too much experience with meditation and connecting my intuitive self, but I knew that there was more of myself to get in touch with. I wanted to be able to live more wisely and mindfully by making decisions, communicating, maintaining relationships, etc. in a way that was conducive to what I truly want and need. I absolutely got what I needed to catapult my relationship with my inner self and would recommend this to almost anyone, as Emily caters the program to fit your specific interests and gifts.

Throughout the experience, I was provided invaluable tools like guided meditations (including breathwork) writing prompts, and inspirational talks that I will continue to practice. For me, it was important that I expressed the vulnerable side of myself and Emily made it so easy to trust her with not only her immense knowledge and experience on these subjects, but innate gifts to guide and connect with others. I never felt judged and always felt empowered. I was able to connect to different areas in my life that I I realize I wasn't thinking clearly about, like my career path. Emily provided tools and exercises that helped me arrive at a conclusion about where my career should go. - Noura C.

Emily Stroia has the best of both worlds and working with her is the best of both worlds.

She is both a practical advisor and masterful intuitive as well as an expert communicator. She has the uncanny ability to distill your problems into practical solutions all while maintaining a laser sharp focus on both your ultimate objective and motivate clear inspired step by step follow through. Emily achieves all of this through the all-important lens of a true light worker - the lens of a heart centered, kind and generous and multi-faceted master. I'm so grateful to work with her! - Zsaz R.

"Life affirming magic. Light and love. Joy, clarity, gratitude, and hope."

These are not just qualities I was able to experience while working with Emily Stroia, these are qualities she guided me to excavate- treasure she helped me uncover in my own heart.

Although deeply drawn to Emily’s work, when I signed up for mentorship, I didn’t know what to expect or even what I really wanted. Since I was a child and well into adulthood, I’d felt a troubling sense of spiritual darkness and fear. Despite trying and often succeeding in maintaining an outward positive attitude, this darkness had pulled me back repeatedly. Over the years, I had accumulated layers of shame and uncertainty.

Through a series of incredibly insightful questions, individually curated meditations, all in the safety of a space of ultimate respect and love, Emily guided me to unearth and transform key issues embedded in this darkness. I feel stronger spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. In addition, my creativity feels greatly unleashed. I am now confident that I will be true to myself by faithfully engaging in daily creative practice.

In a time of great uncertainty in the world, tremendous hope has improbably blossomed in my heart. If you feel an affinity with Emily Stroia’s work and words, please give yourself this amazing gift of mentorship. - Jennifer G.

I highly recommend Emily and her mentorship program. Emily is an amazing teacher & mentor. In our work together we focused on what the ideal next steps would be to take my business to the next level.

Emily provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable successful growth, change and resilience.Since working together, I have been able to successfully take my business to the next level. I couldn't be more grateful for Emily's support and guidance!! - Diane W., http://www.dianewilshere.com

I joined Emily’s VIP coaching program with the hopes to grow more as a spiritual entrepreneur.

This experience was exactly what I was looking for. It gave me so much more confidence to be able to grow as a spiritual leader in my community and online.

Through this experience I was able to face my financial blocks. Emily helped me put a plan of action together so that I can start and continue showing up for those ready to grow in their spiritual gifts as a mentor myself!!

I look forward to working more with Emily in the future! - Sherry B., www.IntuitiveGemini.com

I enjoyed our sessions together. You helped me to recognise and trust my own insights and guidance and supported me with some processes that helped me to access what I needed to move forward! You were encouraging and offered a safe space to explore. So, thank you, I so appreciate you 😊

- Caron L.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts June 8th and ends July 3rd. It is a 4 week experience with daily support Monday-Friday.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, let Emily know within 48 hours and you will get a refund.

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